about how much is scrap metal going for?

I have this heavy THING, looks like something you pull out engine with, like a counterbalance, or something, ITS Heavy.!..and along with some other scrap, i have someone who wants to buy my scrap, How much should I sell this stuff for, considering most of lbs, will be this thing.


  1. basket_dijo
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  2. slimcolo
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    Scrap prices have dropped a bit lately. Last Spring they were around $225/ton now around $160

  3. Tim
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    It depends on the material and the quality of the material.

    There are different prices for steel, brass, copper, etc

  4. Aj
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    it all depends on what the ‘scrap’ metal is made of (like car bodies,window frames ect. is worth more,but if its just crap metal than this should help):steel is bout us$1500 a ton,iron is bout us$1000 a ton,copper is bout us$3-4 a lbs,alluminium is bout us$1-2 a lbs,tin is bout us$8-9 a lbs,as for this ‘engine crane’ it depends how big it is,the bigger the better,a small one(bout the size of a small car) will go for bout 100-300 us$,a big one bout 1000-2000 us$! so hope i helped:)

  5. Jonathan .
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    it depends on what they will give you. You’ll probably have to haul it off to get anything from it.

  6. pfc_hitt
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    bout $5/100lbs for scrap steel or $0.05/lb

  7. gunachin
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    I assume it is Heavy Metal Steel (HMS). The rates depend on which part of world you are. If you have a ton or above the rate is from $375 – $525 / ton. A coupl eof months back it was about 600-650 . Due to the slow demand and huge stocks, the scrap prices are declining.

    If you have less than that, then you have to approach the Junk yards who offer 30-40 cents/Kg.

    You can find the prices information and junk yards at http://www.recycleinme.com

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